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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

» Highest and Best Use Analyses

The most efficient use that brings in the highest yield from the physically suitable and legally allowed, financially feasible and appraised property. The fundamental issues that identify the most effective and efficient use include the answers to the following questions.

  • Is the use a logical and probable use?
  • Is the use legal and is there the probability of obtaining a legal entitlement for the use?
  • Is the property physically suitable for use or could it be made suitable for use?
  • Is the recommended use feasible from the financial aspect?
  • Among the forms of use which pass the first four questions, the selected most efficient and best use creates the actually most productive use of the land.

Zoning plans, one of the most determinant factors of the real estate sector on legal and technical terms, fail to develop in parallel to the urbanization, technological development and economic progress in Turkey, and due to this lack of revision, they generally have a static appearance. As a natural consequence of the mentioned negative structure, the undesired cases such as failure to implement the optimum option which could provide the highest efficiency on the property from the financial and technical aspect and for which, even the financing is provided, may frequently occur in our industry. In other words, under the circumstances of our country, the best project should not only be the best one of the options that provide the highest yield or technically most perfect results; but it should also fulfill the requirements of the legal regulations.

» Tender-Auction Base Value Analyses

Our company also prepares and issues reports on the creation of base value for the subject assets to a tender or auction in accordance with the internationally accepted methods and reporting standards, and within the principle of confidentiality. In our reports, all legal and technical properties of the properties in question are presented together with all their documents, and the estimate value or the base value identification analyses are evaluated for their sales.

» Analyses and Solution Alternatives for Existing Real Estates

Another one of our service fields is to present solution alternatives in the cases when your property fails to achieve the best and most efficient function due to physical or functional depreciations in parallel to the related regional or sectoral developments, or due to economic out fashioning. In this scope, the cash flows are created by carrying out regional and sectoral supply & demand balance, competition, market research and SWOT analyses, and by foreseeing the revenue items and cost items required to present the alternative with the highest yield from the property to the real estate investor, which could lead to the alternative that could provide the highest yield for the investor of the property. 

» Risk-Guarantee Studies

The reports prepared by the experienced appraisal experts of TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş. represent the company’s knowledge and the value-risk comparison analyses for all financial institutions in the finance sector that plan to accept a real property as a guarantee for a certain loan facility. In addition, if a property is to be insured, the reports also identify the potential risks of the property, and communicate the risks-policy comparison of the asset to the insurance company.

» Investment Realization, Evaulation and Monitoring

TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş. also provides consulting services for the evaluation and monitoring of the construction investments in the investment projects of real estate investors and finance organizations. With the sectoral experience of the company in not only housing and office investments but also in the shopping centers, logistics warehousing, tourism investments, hydroelectric plants, factory (cement factory, etc.) investments, and more complex properties and mix-use projects; our experienced appraisers include the future cost analyses during the progress of the project, the legal and actual status analyses of building areas and the project appraisal analyses in their reports.

» Project Development, Control and Feasibility Studies

The purpose of investments is to produce goods or services and to present them to the market; and as a result, to obtain a profit. The investment depends on the availability of sufficient demand for the goods or services with commercial profitability and selling them with the prices which could yield in the expected profit. The examination of the project from the entrepreneur’s aspect includes the examination and evaluation of the current status of the sector where the subject product of the project is included. The evaluation of the market in which subject items and services of the project are positioned can be regarded as the expectations for the present situation and the future.

If a decision is made to carry out the project; then the total potential expenditure is estimated by considering the marketing policies and overall feasibility principles of the company. This calculation also includes the estimation of the income from the project and the related assumptions. Assumptions are based on the situation of the sector, and the statistical figures of the similar projects in the vicinity of the project in question; and on the position of the project in the region and in the sector.

Then, the performance of the project is estimated and the net present value, as well as the yield ratio of the project is calculated according to the mentioned performance estimation.