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Green Values

Green Values

Green Values


The sustainability concept, with a broad spectrum of physical, environmental and social factors, has begun to play a more significant role in economic behaviors and choices, through the legal practices. The same choices are demonstrating and rapidly increasing their influence in the real estate sector. TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Company is demonstrating its awareness on the differentiations in the preferences, by being the first to implement the "Valuation of Green Buildings" in Turkey.

TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Company, which has realized a first in Turkey and started to offer valuation and Consultancy services for 'Green Building' investments as of 2012, has LEED Green Associate certified employees who are knowledgeable about green buildings and competent in green building valuations on its staff.

What kind of features do "Green Buildings" have in the market?

  • Increased Sales Value
  • Increased Rental Value
  • Higher Occupancy Rates
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Higher Net Activity Revenue
  • Lower Capitalization Rate
  • Increased Efficiency

Practices reducing the building impact on human health and the environment by better site selection, design, construction, operation, maintenance and re-cycling, and increasing efficiency are termed as "Green Buildings".

What type of services do we provide?

  • Valuation of "Green Buildings"
  • "Green Value" Analysis at the Best and Highest Use
  • Process analyses in the certification of projects and available buildings



For detailed information, please contact us at  degerleme@tskb.com.tr

0212 334 50 54